the moments, shadows, skies.

(2020 - 2021)

​As a child, I would be fascinated by the skies, the shadows that lurked around my home and the moments that accompanied them. Fragments of light peering through the blinds, creases on a bed or just a blank blue sky, are almost breathtaking to ignore. 

In 2020, the introduction of lockdown forced me into a constant interior space. To spend my time staring at the ceiling, looking down at the floor and wandering my eyes out the window to the skies. Over the year, I captured my experiences, my boredom and my interests. Shadows shining through the windows, empty bowls of cereals, my dad in the garden and the family devouring their processed foods. These moments, these actions that interacted with our wider interior space. 

In 2021, lockdown eased and gave me more freedom to leave the inner walls of my home and explore the outdoors again. To explore the untouched, yet familiar land again. I see more of the world that was so limited beforehand, I interact with other relatives again and I see a changed world from the one I went inside from. I continue to capture the experiences, everyday moments and my interest within the context of the ‘new’ world that I explore.