Look up - Hold on

Look up – Hold on (2022), explores Bennett’s own fascination with the sky. The project started when laying on a field in Central Park, Plymouth on a late December afternoon last year (2021). Bennett describes it as being peaceful, with a blank blue sky above as the sun was setting. Bennett explains, laying there and staring above, only seeing a void… nothing else seen within the eyeline but the vastness of the sky. Bennett had a feeling of falling, the sky was consuming and had to grab onto every strand of grass underneath. Bennett continued to look up while walking home and was thereafter fascinated with the sky. 

In research, Bennett discovered through many online forums, that lots of others experienced this feeling and even some suffered from a much-undocumented fear. The fear, only documented by those who suffer, is known as Casdadastraphobia. The fear of falling into the sky. The first mention of the condition was within the urban dictionary description. The description was provided by a user of the site, which described the ‘condition’ and named it so forth. Though it is not recognised officially within academic papers, Bennett was fascinated by this ‘undocumented’ condition wanting to bring light to the feeling and bring awareness that this fear does exist. 

Throughout the collections, we explore a feeling that you are lost within the vastness of the sky itself. The void opens up from any direction and you can see the land that you grab onto fade away. Bennett chooses to make use of haikus; with the intention to present the collection poetically. Short and simple poems which sum up the experience and place, revealing what little safety exists for you to hold on to. 

*10 Second images played on loop

GRAD SHOW 2022 Projection
GRAD SHOW 2022 Projection 2