Esse Molestus 


Esse Molestus (2022), from the Latin 'to be annoyed'. The project presents the often-overlooked concept of noise, hearing loss and everyday annoying noises. Within a WHO report on auditory and non-auditory effects, they stated the fact that 10% of the world suffers from a form of hearing loss or disease (Lancet. 2014: 1329). The project reflects on this and explores the world from the 10%. Over the course of the short, there is a high-pitched ringing sound, playing constantly and only affected by the environment of the clips presented. The ringing reflects my own tinnitus, my own experience, it is the noise I am stuck and suffer with.

“Noise, defined as ‘unwanted sound’ has gradually become increasingly acknowledged as an environmental stressor and as a nuisance” - Brasner. 2014

Throughout the short, the noise will get louder whilst internal projections in the form of text are played. These sections are intended to give a moment of “peace”, where the noise becomes clear and there is rarely any environmental interruption. The film presents these aspects through the use of the everyday. It presents these domestic and daily moments, within the context where you cannot hear what they hear. They live their daily lives suffering alone, to the point of insanity. The project brings light to this, you are finally able to experience what they or I experience. It is a project of self-reflection and understanding. Those who suffer will never have peace, this true tranquil quiet.