I am a British photographer, based in Plymouth and is focused on capturing my 'unseen' world. Whilst growing up I always saw and understood the world differently, as I suffer from ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), I found it hard to do basic communication, whilst not understanding what I saw and how to interpret it. I had no way to explain my world... until I picked up a camera. 

From my first photo to my recent work, I interpret my world as what I see and what I find beautiful. Everyday moments, personal emotions or looking at the world we see through the eyes of those suffering from mental health.


My work takes the actions of 'seeing' and 'looking' arguing that they can be defined differently when photographing. You 'see' the world all the time, but until you truly 'look' you will never see those beauties and the world is always unseen. My work aims to focus on these unseen moments, the overlooked and allow us to finally see what is hidden. 



2022 - 2023 Arts University Plymouth / MA Photography

2019 - 2022 Falmouth University / BA(Hons) Photography

Exhibitions and Competitions

2022 Falmouth University Showcase / Penryn Campus / 18th May - 26th May

FREE RANGE / The Truman Brewery / 23rd June - 27th June

SHUTTERHUB YEARBOOK 2022 / Online / 21st July.